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Dr  S.C. Goel , Ex-Head, PG Deptt. Zoology, Sanatan Dharm College, Muzaffarnagar-251001.

Entomology is a part of zoology which includes the study of morpho-taxonomy &  management technology of insect pests, parasitoids &  vectors. Another  group of insects  gave rise to several industries namely, resins, gums, silk, honey, wood etc. Social insects presented a good example of divisoin of labour is a Society. Storage & quarantine of insects gave rise problems of national significance.

      Departmental contribution within the scope of definition : The Department of Zoology came into existence in 1971 having P.G. classes in Zoology affiliated to Meerut University in 1981 alongwith research activities started even before at U.G. level. The main thrust area had been  to undertake survey & study of local insects, including available insect pests. Hence, facilities were  worked out to research in the field of insect biology & bionomics, biosystematics, population regulation, and metrical analysis.  Digestive physiology was another aspect of interest to study the midgut secretions, and also to study with impact of sugar-mill effluents on histoenzymatic activity on coleopteran insects.  A major aspect was also undertaken on ecophysiology of immature naiads & caterpillars of moths.  Insect pest management was another current aspect handled with the help of synthetic pyrethroids on different moth caterpillars as pest on the crops of  economic value.

      Apart from insects, cytogenetics and cytochemical studies were proposed in the field of vertebrates namely fisheries (Cirrhinus reba (Ham.) & Mystus cavasiuus (Ham.) and vertebrate (Meriones hurricane (Jerdon) in particular. Sensivity pattern of Mycobacterium avium Intracellular Complex (MAIC) was also successfully done.

      A number of major research projects were handled approved by Council of Scientific Research, U.P., Lucknow; D.S.T., IARI, CSIR, & MoEF, New Delhi. Number of National & International Symposia were organized financially supported by the Govt. Agencies. This gave the staff & students to interact with participants who participated across the country. A good number of Ph.D’s from here, presently working at different Deptts. Govt of India. The college shared participation of Dr. S.C. Goel’s in an International Congress on Entomology held at Canberra (Australia) financially supported by UGC in 1972. The staff & research students  joined several training programmes organized in different Universities. A good number of Proceedings, Memoirs and research papers are published in journals of repute India & Abroad.

      My contribution within the scope of definition : I have been associated to explore the research work on aspects stated as above on different insect pests namely, Lymantria marginata Wlk. (Lymantriidae), Heliothis armigera (Hb.) (Noctuidae), Plusia orichalcea Fabr (Noctuidae)., Trabala vishnu Lef. (Lasiocampidae), Antigastra catalaunalis (Dug.) (Pyralidae), Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) (Homoptera), certain coleopteran pests and biosystematics of the last stage caterpillars of North Indian Noctuidae and Pest management studies carried with synthetic pyrethroids.   A good insect museum with mostly identified  insects was also developed with insects collected from north-west of Uttar Pradesh including Microlepidoptera under several sorties.

 Published in: Uttar Pradesh J. Zool. 33(3) : 327, 2013 ( ISSN 0256-971X)


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